The Foundation for Exploration

by Sean Goonan

First published November 6, 2016. Last edits made December 22, 2019.

The most superior understanding of free will, power, the sexual nature of man and woman, and how to construct society
in order to allow for true happiness to flourish.

Page 1- Preface- Understanding the necessity of working with subjectivity.

Page 2- Introduction- The Question: Should I continue to exist? Basis of philosophical thought in creating an existence that allows
humanity to thrive.

Page 4- Section 1: Welcome to Not Nothing- The duality of human nature- rejection and destruction, or acceptance and building
given the inherent structure of existence which is- "We have free will, we are not all powerful, we are not all knowing,
and we experience the universe with a biological framework and consciousness."

Page 6- Section 2: Destruction and Building- Cultivating power, facing powerlessness. Path of destruction involves a lack of self-
control, courage, wonder, and/or humor, with the person succumbing to powerlessness through either wrath, depression,
madness, hedonism, or ignorance due to the lack. Path of building involves self-control, courage, wonder, and a sense of

Page 36- Section 3: Power, Biology and Society- Maintaining a strong society (and individual) through a balancing of the pursuance
of our animalistic nature completely with a complete rejection, and a balancing of the desire to obtain all-power and the
desire to relinquish all power from oneself. A society comprised of men and women pursuing an animalistic/hedonistic
sexual nature will crumble. The polar nature of masculinity in men and femininity in women must be upheld.

Page 70- Section 4: A World Completely Off the Mark- Application of the philosophy into the areas of Government, Politics,
Economics, Agriculture, Environment, Crime and Punishment, Mental Illness, The Media/Entertainment/TV/Internet/
Porn/Advertising, Lack of Freedom/Technology/Overpopulation/Overcomplication/Globalism, and The Exploration of
Outer Space. Focus is in creating a society in which people feel the most power, connection with one another, and
connection with the universe.

Page 116- End

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