Chicopee City Council Election 2021

Hi, my name is Sean Goonan and I am running for city council-at-large in the November 2, 2021 Chicopee municipal elections. The city government is primarily comprised of a mayor and 13 city councilors. There are nine wards in the city, and every person votes for their choice for their ward councilman and their choice of four at-large councilors. The structure of the city government is similar to the structure of the government at the state and national level. There is the executive branch (mayor, governor, president), and legislative branch (city council, state legislature, Congress). The city council acts as a checks and balances on the mayor, approving or denying how the mayor uses our tax dollars, and councilors also create city ordinances, which range from adding crosswalk signs (which the current city council still fails to do), to determining the entire physical and socio-economical layout and direction of the city through zoning and other avenues. Both the mayor and city council are supposed to listen to the needs of the citizens of the city and help create the best city for all.

About myself:
I grew up in Chicopee and graduated from Chicopee High School in 2011. I attended George Washington University for three years, majoring in economics, but I left there in 2014 to pursue farming. Since then I have worked as an apprentice and farmhand on a variety of farms in Maine and Western Mass. I’ve also worked in construction, substitute teaching, and various other odd jobs. This year I started my own farm in Worthington, MA, and I’ll be selling fresh produce at a farm stand outside my house in Chicopee. I am also a philosopher who wrote a book titled The Foundation for Exploration, in which I attempt to explain human nature and existence, and the best course for our species. More information about my book can be found at the homepage of this website.

More information will be featured on this page in the future.