The Foundation for Exploration

The Foundation for Exploration
by Sean Goonan

Published November 6, 2016.


Page 1- Preface- Understanding the necessity of working with subjectivity.

Page 2- Introduction- The Question: Should I continue to exist? Explaining the philosophical basis of the book and how to create an existence that allows humanity to thrive.

Page 4- Section 1: Welcome to Not Nothing- The duality of human nature- rejection and destruction, or acceptance and building given the inherent structure of existence which is: “We have free will, we are not all powerful, we are not all knowing, and we experience the universe with a biological framework and consciousness.”

Page 6- Section 2: Destruction and Building- Cultivating power, facing powerlessness. Path of destruction involves a lack of self-control, courage, wonder, and/or humor, with the person succumbing to powerlessness through either wrath, depression, madness, hedonism, or ignorance due to the lack. Path of building involves self-control, courage, wonder, and a sense of humor.

Page 36- Section 3: Power, Biology and Society- Maintaining a strong society (and individual) through balancing the pursuance of our animalistic nature completely with a complete rejection, and balancing the desire to obtain all-power and the desire to relinquish all power from oneself. A society comprised of men and women pursuing an animalistic/hedonistic sexual nature will crumble. The polar nature of masculinity in men and femininity in women must be upheld.

Page 70- Section 4: A World Completely Off the Mark- Application of the philosophy into the areas of Government, Politics, Economics, Agriculture, Environment, Crime and Punishment, Mental Illness, The Media/ Entertainment/ TV/ Internet/ Porn/ Advertising, Lack of Freedom/ Technology/ Overpopulation/ Overcomplication/ Globalism, and The Exploration of Outer Space. Focus is in creating a society in which people feel the most power, connection with one another, and connection with the universe.

Page 118- End


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