“We have free will, we are not all powerful, we are not all knowing, and we experience the universe with a biological framework and consciousness. I have discovered that due to this inherent structure of our perceived existence, we follow two distinct paths. The duality of human nature is this:

Every single human feeling, thought, or action at any level of experience or awareness can be categorized under two equally valid but opposite reactions to existence: Rejection and destruction or acceptance and building.”

“Fundamental individual destructive tendencies given our free will in a meaningless existence are a lack of self-control, cowardice, a lack of wonder, and a lack of sense of humor. Without courage, self-control, wonder and/or humor the individual and society disintegrates. A lack of those four things leads people to wrath, depression, madness, hedonism, and ignorance.”

“Existing produces mental and physical suffering. Other people or society as a whole can exacerbate suffering produced by existing. The source of this mental and physical suffering is powerlessness. An individual that feels powerless may reject the conditions that produce the powerlessness and retaliate through wrath as an attempt to gain power. The attempt to gain power through wrath is either the attempt to supersede the powerlessness by trying to obtain all the power one can get (which indirectly creates destructiveness in the individual and society), or the direct destruction of anything that creates powerlessness.

Wrath is destruction and destruction is power.
Wrath is extreme power and extreme power is destruction.”

“You are alive. It is important to realize this from time to time, or all of the time to a certain extent. When you know you are alive you know that you are creating your existence continuously and always. Your level of consciousness determines how strongly you shape your mind and existence. Rather than being provided with an existence only from the external and “living” in a slumber, the builder recognizes that they are alive, faces the consequences of reaching this understanding, and takes control over their mind and life, influencing their own mind with an overarching self that is focused. That is the importance of self-control, to focus and connect one’s thoughts.”

“Maintaining a strong society is vital for the success of the human race. Society is an application of the collective conscious for the organization of individuals. Society has created beings that are different and more than just animals, but we still retain an underlying animalistic nature. Society is full of individuals that interact with one another. Each of these individuals must have a degree of autonomy and individual power in order to be on the path of building, but as one individual gains more power, others may lose it, and can fall into destructiveness through wrath and especially despair. Society provides guidelines for social interactions and the allocation of power.

Considering these two important components of human nature (Underlying Animal/ Underlying Power) in relation to society:

1. A strong society is based in balancing the pursuance of our biological nature completely and the rejection of our biological nature.
2. A strong society is based in balancing the desire to obtain all power and the desire to relinquish all power from ourselves.

These are the Biological-Artificial Spectrum and the Power Spectrum.”

“Animalistic nature is not limited to violence- it applies to sexuality. A society comprised of people that follow a completely animalistic sexual nature is destructive. The consequences of following this nature are far-reaching. A hedonistic nature and an animalistic sexual nature are intertwined, although are not the same thing.

Complete animalistic sexual behavior in men is characterized by the pursuance of having sex with many women with disregard for choosing a single mate to create a family with.

Complete animalistic sexual behavior in women is characterized by the pursuance of a man or many men for only their high sexual prowess with disregard for the creation of a strong family due to:
A. The woman’s direct desire to put off raising a family in this pursuit, which also contributes to a long-term negative effect in the creation of a family in section C.
B. The unlikelihood that a man with high sexual prowess will settle down and raise a child with the particular woman given the fact that he has many other options and may be animalistic himself.
C. The elimination of the possibility of raising a strong family with a man who has less sexual prowess than any man the woman has had sex with before. The reason for this is that a woman will only remain submissive and desire to be with the man who is the top alpha male in her sexual past. The alpha male creates in the woman feelings and pleasure that is unmatched by others, and is the only man that can truly command respect from the woman in a relationship. A man who remains in a relationship with a woman in which he has no possibility in becoming the top alpha male in her sexual history is a beta and therefore weaker and inferior to the actual alpha male from the perspective of the woman and her feelings. If the woman disregards her sexual hierarchy and starts a family with a beta male, the partnership is doomed to be weak and they will fail to remain together and fail to create strong offspring. The woman settles with the beta because she is unable to hold down an alpha male, and because a beta male is easily controllable. He provides her with the opportunity to attempt to derive satisfaction from being in a position of dominance, with the possibility of being able to control the man in any way she desires, including using the man for his money. The woman is the dominant person in the relationship with the beta male because she holds the locus of power in the relationship- her sexual feelings and needs that are not being met. The woman’s attempt to obtain satisfaction through controlling the beta is foolish, malicious, and destructive, and will not lead to true happiness for anyone. This dynamic in the beta male/dominant woman relationship may sometimes be subtle, but if it exists it will produce the same destructive effects.”

“In an artificial society, the animalistic nature of men is completely suppressed and denied. Women require that the vast majority of men suppress their animalistic sexual nature completely, while allowing certain men of very high sexual value free reign to satisfy them sexually (hyper-animalistic sexual sphere, hyper-artificial societal safety net). If a man that is not deemed a top alpha hints at his sexual nature (flirts), he is ridiculed. If a man steps out of line with a woman (calls a woman a slut), the dogs are sent after him. A surveillance and police state is formed, with an ever-expanding court system and prison system, to seek and eliminate any displays of masculine dissent. And dissent, usually in the form of the bubbling over of wrath, is exactly what occurs in an artificial society that constricts the masculine nature excessively and unnaturally, on top of other artificial aspects that sever the man’s connection with society and existence and his ability to obtain power. An artificial society is a society comprised of castrated worker drones, devoid of any individuality, devoid of any power. And from an early age expressions and outlets of masculinity are trivialized and restricted. Boys are forced to sit still and be quiet for seven hours a day in school in order to be conditioned into worker drones.”

“The worst thing that comes with the rejection of animalistic behavior and power-seeking is sexual degeneration. In a strong society there is a strong polarity between the sexes with men being dominant and masculine, and women being submissive and feminine. But of course with free will, and a society that allows for complete freedom, anything is acceptable. But why should our polar animalistic nature be retained? Proponents of unrestricted free will ask why is it desired for men to remain men and women to remain women when these creations can be dismantled and replaced with something else? Why not continue with our society in which more and more men become feminine and more women become masculine? Why not take it to its conclusion with a new humanity where all women are the masculine beings and all men are the feminine, or a new humanity comprised of androgynous things?

Our base polar nature should be retained because it is a base guideline to work off of and use as a mental and social anchor, because it is practical, and most importantly because it is necessary.”

“An economic system that aligns with and harnesses the core nature of human existence and rejects destructiveness is needed for humanity to be on the path of building.

This system would recognize the need for each individual to obtain power and would harness the individual will to obtain power, but it would involve rejecting excessiveness in extortion and hoarding. To combat excessive power seeking through hoarding, people in power must offload power in money and ownership to others that deserve it, and consumers must reject businesses run by excessive power-seekers. Power cannot be offloaded to those who do not deserve the power though. These are people who will relinquish all responsibility from themselves and will not work hard or work at all.

All of this achieves a balance in the power spectrum, the key to building.

The economic system I have created that strives for complete building is called Conscious Capitalism. It is beyond capitalism or any other ordinary economic system recognized by mainstream society. It is the most superior economic philsophy because it supersedes rigid structure and is based in personal choice, cooperation, and nuance. This economic system is individualism and collectivism intertwined in their strongest forms.”

“As said before in the sections on economics and environment, a complete restructuring of our society is needed. Our entire physical civilization, and our society, must be completely dismantled and recreated. Not an easy feat, but necessary. Individual minds and the collective conscious must first be restructured and aligned with the path of building in order for anything to happen. Why must all this infrastructure and industry be done away with? Because the costs greatly outweigh the benefits. The more we industrialize the more we deteriorate. All of this industrialization disrupts the possibility of a peaceful existence and brings constriction, confusion, detachment, the hurried acceleration of day-to-day life and society, the feeling that every moment must be spent consuming and doing something like looking at a screen rather than simply existing- “But existing with what to stimulate oneself?” people will ask. Existing with nothing but your mind. Maybe some nature and maybe a nighttime vision of the unknown we call the universe, in which we are a part of. But those in the cities, if they ever did look up at the stars, would only see a handful, even though we live among trillions, and may view thousands with our own eyes if not for the light pollution. There is no such thing as freedom in modern society, and there is no such thing as wonder. This is not a sentimentalist “back to the good ol’ days” for the sake of the good ol’ days mentality, this is a necessity for the actualization of our species, in which true happiness can be created for all. It will take immense courage and effort in order to achieve greatness, but the rewards are immeasurable.